What do we mean when we talk about energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency involves all of the strategies set in motion to reduce the amount of power needed to run our products and make sure that transportation, illumination, heating, and cooling services all work correctly.

The underlying premise for everything is the conscientious use of the resources available to us, avoiding any and all waste in terms of water, light, or gas.
Good energy efficiency can be achieved thanks to new technologies, optimized production processes, and the application of well-tested and proven solutions.

Intelligent consumption for a better world

We believe that energy efficiency is such an essential issue that it should be included in Civics programs studied in schools.

Because intelligent energy gives each and every one of us an advantage.

Need a little help in understanding what we mean? Just imagine that the power that could be saved can make up for considerable deficits and positively influence our system of global energy. This is no small feat, given the fact that our global energy requirements are rising dramatically, day after day.

world energy consumption for space cooling in buildings

And if besides being efficient that energy was also renewable, we could help our planet get back on track, turning the tide on climate change and global warming.

In doing so, the consumption of water, light, and gas:

  • becomes safer;
  • promotes world economic growth;
  • is beneficial on an environmental and social scale.

Need a more concrete, day-to-day viewpoint?
Reducing consumption also means spending less.
Less waste, optimized costs, smaller utility bills.

world energy consumption for space cooling in buildings

Efficiency in refrigeration

Those of us who work in the field of industrial and commercial refrigeration find ourselves facing this issue time and again. We continuously ask ourselves what’s the best way to use the least amount of energy, without compromising the final output of the main kinds of refrigeration, which are:

  • mechanical compression
  • absorption
  • evaporation
  • thermoelectric

Each of these types requires an enormous amount of energy. This is why it’s vital we find the right path to improve and enhance efficiency.

The solution that we believe in

Here at Euroklimat, we believe that R290, the natural gas that we use in our systems, is the keystone (and the cornerstone) for a world that consumes less and consumes better.